Veriato (Formerly known as SpectorSoft) designs products that allow you to record and view what others do on the computer, and specifically what they do on the Internet. Our products are especially popular with employers who want to record and monitor employeeonline activity and reduce inappropriate and non-work related web surfing.


Insider Threats

If you aren’t looking for it, you are simply not seeing it. Locking things down so tightly that productivity is impacted isn’t an option. You need a way to detect for the shifts in behavior that occur when an insider attacks, and to quickly assess what is happening and who is involved, so you can shut the threat down detect and clear or respond. Veriato gives you what you need, all from a single console.


Employee Investigations

Whether a suspicion is caused by an alert or from other sources, getting the detailed and accurate information about what an employee did (or did not do) to support decision-making is critical. Knowing that the data is collected using a method that has stood up to challenge over and again, and that presents information in a clear format that removes gray areas and enables confident action, is equally important.


Increase Productivity

Flex hours, telecommuting, and work life balance make assessing productivity harder than ever. Having unbiased productivity data helps you address issues before they become habits, and avoid wrongful termination claims. Seeing how top performers structure their days and utilize resources helps inform training programs and improve efficiency. People are your biggest investment. Make sure you are getting the right return.


Trusted by thousands of companies in more than 110 countries around the world.

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